Photographing Artwork for Prints

One of the questions I get asked the most by fellow artists and artisans is how to best photograph your work for reproduction. I've been asked enough times over the last few months that I thought I would write a blog about my process. I figured it might help out those who are struggling and perhaps some of my buyers and clients will find it interesting as well. I'll be honest, learning how best to do this was...HARD. I have a lot of help, and even with that help sometimes I find myself stuck. I don't claim to be an expert on this subject, and it is an ever evolving process.

In the Garden of the White Rose

Hello, again, friends! Welcome back to my blog. 

Art Museums in Paris Part 3 of 3

Hello again, friends and followers! I am sorry for the brief blog hiatus. Like for many of you, I am sure, the holidays are hectic! I hope you all had a wonderful close to 2017 and I hope this new year brings you peace and joy. 

Art Museums in Paris Part 2 of 3

When last I left the blog, my finance, Geoffrey and I were in the middle of our Parisian boot camp. We had finished touring the l'Orangerie, and our next museum stop was the Louvre. 

Art Museums in Paris Part 1 of 3

I had a pretty busy summer. I had the good fortune to travel through France with my boyfriend for the better part of three weeks. We had been planning and saving up for the trip for two years, and the moment had finally come. The experience was amazing, enlightening, inspiring, difficult, stressful, full of wonder, joy, and just about a million other adjectives. So much happened while we were there. We studied so much. We learned so much. We drank great wines and ate great food. We saw so much amazing art. We also got engaged! It was truly a magical time! 

A Painful Experience Turns into an Artwork

Inspiration can come from some pretty unexpected places. For me, sometimes it comes in a flash as I am driving in my car. Other times I can listen to a song I have heard hundreds of times before, but suddenly feel it in a new way, and that leads to an artistic idea. Sometimes ideas are birthed while talking with friends over a drink. For my Swan painting, inspiration came from a rather unique, and painful encounter I had at one of my local parks. 

Spell of Ravensong

One of my favorite local art shows of the year is City Arts Factory's "Dia de los Muertos/Monster Factory". It takes place in downtown Orlando every October, and the opening is usually kicked off with a big bash. There are food trucks, dancers, vendors, music, and art. It's quite a party! The 2016 show was my third time participating as an artist. I gave myself plenty of time to research and prepare what this year's piece would be. I had done a Dracula piece the following year, and wanted to change things up this time around. 

Music Connection


Anyone that knows me even a little bit knows that I’m a huge fan of music. I’m not remotely a musician, I am no engineer, and I am not even what I’d consider an audiophile. But music has always been incredibly important to me. It lifts my spirit, opens my eyes, and has a profound impact on my mood. It helps me through tough times, and lets me lose myself completely in it at others.

When I hear a piece of music I really love, I don’t just listen with my ears. Its more like my whole soul resonates with it.

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