Music Connection


Anyone that knows me even a little bit knows that I’m a huge fan of music. I’m not remotely a musician, I am no engineer, and I am not even what I’d consider an audiophile. But music has always been incredibly important to me. It lifts my spirit, opens my eyes, and has a profound impact on my mood. It helps me through tough times, and lets me lose myself completely in it at others.

When I hear a piece of music I really love, I don’t just listen with my ears. Its more like my whole soul resonates with it.

Sometimes, when I explain how a piece of music touches my soul, how it makes me see colors, makes my heart hurt, makes my chest expand, or how someone else’s words can so accurately describe my own pain, joy, love, etc., other people don’t always get it. They tell me they don’t experience it that way. I’ve been told I’m over dramatic, or silly, or a nerd, or a weirdo. Whatever.

But other times, people do get it. They understand it perfectly. They either feel it exactly the same way, or in a different way but with the same intensity. And when the discovery is made that someone else “gets” it on the same vibration as I do, there is a moment of pure connection.

The piece I painted this summer, Music Connection, is about just that. I tried to illustrate the idea that music is a medium that can connect hearts and souls, even for just a moment or two. A love of music can connect people of different backgrounds, livelihoods, ages, or nationalities. It is its own language, and a language that has a unique ability to make us feel more keenly than any other language of mere words alone. The piece is a celebration of those special moments when we feel united by the art and beauty of a shared musical experience.