The Prince - Signed Print - Free Shipping

The Prince - Signed Print - Free Shipping



This listing is for one, "The Prince" print, signed and numbered by Elizabeth Eleanor Davis. This print is made on museum quality, archival, fine art paper, meaning it will hold up and look great for years to come. 

Size: 12"by12" 

"The Prince" is a work inspired by the Vampire Lestat. His epic tales and adventures grabbed my heart and mind from the tender age of sixteen, and has not let them go ever since.  This project was a completely experimental one based on a self portrait, that I manipulated in order to change my own features; making them appear more other worldly and masculine. I was not sure what the results would be when i began, or if i would end up in the uncanny valley. It was a great personal challenge to paint "my face but not my face", and I was pleased with the results. The work is something of a tribute piece, but my hope is that it also stands alone as its own artwork.