Grief - Signed Print - Free Shipping

Grief - Signed Print - Free Shipping



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This listing is for one "Grief" print, numbered and signed by Elizabeth Eleanor Davis. This print is made on museum quality, archival, fine art paper, meaning it will hold up and look great for years to come. 

All of us, at one point in our lives, experience grief. It comes in many forms and has lots of stages. Sometimes we deal with multiple feelings at once. At times it can be the background, ruminating. Other times it washes over one in waves, becoming overwhelming. I have been experiencing grief like I never have before over the loss of my father earlier this year. There are a lot of emotions. Sadness...true, downright sorrow. Depression and guilt, and anxiety at times. But I found that what I struggled with the most is anger. Sometimes I find myself still struggling. People don't really talk about the anger. Nodoby really warns you about the anger. It is hard to constructively vent anger in a healthy way. Those around you expect you to cry, or be sad, or stay in bed some days. But anger is another beast. 

I wanted to try and express that idea with this piece. The figure in the painting is obviously hurting. She is vulnerable and sad. She wears the flowers of loss and mourning in her hair. But beneath the surface, there is a bubbling anger trying to leap out, smash things...explode. I did not know any other way to express that other than shattering glass, and a fierce beast, baring its teeth and lashing outward. She wears purple because...well, it was a good color choice for this palette, but also because it was my father's favorite color. In so many ways this piece is my tribute to him.