Fitzgerald in Paris- Signed Print - Free Shipping

Fitzgerald in Paris- Signed Print - Free Shipping



This listing is for one, "Fitzgerald in Paris"print, numbered and signed by Elizabeth Eleanor Davis. This print is made on museum quality, archival, fine art paper, meaning it will hold up and look great for years to come. 

Size: 12"x18"

Fitzgerald in Paris is one of the paintings I've done that i am the most proud of. It was a complex project that took several months to complete. Most people associate the Fitzgeralds with New York, and that is not an incorrect association. However, they spent a lot of time in France, and a brief time in Paris. I wanted to capture the essence of that Lost Generation, the ex pats who went to Paris after the first World War and made Paris a hub of both debaucery and creativity. I've made this a collage piece that includes, among other elements, Cafe de Flore, a haunt of the Fitzgeralds, and the street sign from the address the were famously tossed out of. Zelda, his muse and at times literary salvation sits near him, smoking her cigarette and indulging in champaygne, bursting fromt he bottle symbolizing the start of another wild night. The drip elements in this painting represent that despite the luxurious glamour, parties, and lights of Paris, a gritty reality lay beneath, one that neither of the Fitzgeralds seemed able to escape.