Diana - Signed Print - Free Shipping

Diana - Signed Print - Free Shipping



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This listing is for one "Diana" print, numbered and signed by Elizabeth Eleanor Davis. This print is made on museum quality, archival, fine art paper, meaning it will hold up and look great for years to come. 

Empowered and serene, Diana calmly looks out over the summit of Mount Olympus, stalking her prey. Behind her stand her faithful companions, her hounds. I have always been drawn to imagery of Diana, Roman Goddess of the Hunt. She is typically depicted with serenity, empowerment, and grace, and the times she is shown with hounds especially speak to me. I am a dog lover and have owned two greyhounds myself, so I have always just felt very connected to the imagery. I had sketched out ideas for a Diana as early as 2014, but it was one of those pieces that never felt quite right. This year I seemed to crack the case, and so my attempt at her has finally arrived!