Audible Breath - Signed Print - Free Shipping

Audible Breath - Signed Print - Free Shipping



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This listing is for one "Audible Breath" print, numbered and signed by Elizabeth Eleanor Davis. This print is made on museum quality, archival, fine art paper, meaning it will hold up and look great for years to come. 

"Audible Breath" is an exploration of the feelings one sometimes has when life can leave you...stranded. While I am mostly a happy person, there are times in life that are dark, and one can feel untethered....floating in a deep, dark, vacuum. When I experience such emotions, my family and friends help me, my puppy helps me, and music also helps me. It brings me such comfort and solace, so much so that it can feel like a lifeline, like my oxygen source. With this piece I wanted to represent that type of feeling, the feeling of music sustaining one through dark times.